Ninja Simulator

This is Working Title:  Ninja Simulator

Currently the game consist of 4 area’s the intro area ,the volcano, the pirate fortress and the airship boss battle.

The goal of this project is to simulate the experience one might have of being a ninja. The abilities that I am mainly focusing on is the ability to jump off walls, melee combat and avoidance of detection by enemies.

The first iteration of a the wall jump mechanic is prototyped. As you can see it is still very rough and future iteration will include an impulse that push the player away from the wall by calculating their angle of inflection. Melee combat is  prototyped to demonstrate a sword attack. Ai detection focuses largely on a sight cone which is visible to the player by the light they emit while moving around, thus giving players an idea of where the enemy is looking.

If you are interested in playing feel free to contact me at

I can send you a link to the game.

Most of what you see in the video was made by myself  If you wish to know how i did anything or want a texture or sound  please email me and i would love to assist however i can.


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