Ninja Simulator- Restart

Hello world.


I have missed you  all.  Having recently finish Dragon Age 3 Inquisition as part of the gameplay team, I thought it was a good time to start up old projects and this is at the top of my list.


This will be a complete remake of this demo.


The main goal and mechanics will be


– to create a fun 3d locational  combat system

– Use rope physics as a combat and gameplay mechanics

– Pretend to be a sword wielding rope swing ninja warrior.

-Play with friends online

Sounds sooo easy ( it won’t be :D)


This is going to be a completely new version and i look forward to sharing all this and more with you once i actually get started.

I will be working in UK4 to try and get this project back to life




-Brandon Dolinski

Update Novemeber 17th 2015: Thanks to all the emails and people leaving comments. I  am working on the demo it still is really rough and i am having to relearn a little about Unreal, Cheers and thanks for the thoughts and support.


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