Download Now: Forget Me Not Annie

Download Now: Forget Me Not Annie

Forget Me Not Annie, is now available for download right now.  Please download and enjoy this game in which the Forget Me Not Annie team has spent so much time building.



Experience the story of Annie as traverse her mind find answers to her past in this first person puzzle horror game developed in the unreal engine.

Download Here


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  1. Juanito

    im going to test it

  2. Thank you for your nice little game. Very interesting gameplay. It reminds me a bit of Portal. The game was unplayable for me at first because of the non-inverted mouse. I’d like to share my settings, in case someone searches for it as well:

    Add the line bInvertMouse=True

    To play it in fullscreen 1680×1050:

    Replace the following settings:

    The files are located in …\Forget Me Not Annie\Engine\Config



  4. cristian


  5. probaremos para dar un buen comentario

  6. chicho

    esta muy bueno el juego

  7. I want this game!:$

  8. necesito este juego para probarlo

  9. carlos buritica

    quiero saber jugar ese juego q se ve divertido

  10. hipnos

    a ver a ver

  11. isabella


  12. isabella


  13. isabella

    voy a jugar recien

  14. alejandro


  15. Overkill

    What a sweet game! Thank you for making this happen.

  16. Sydney

    This is an amazing game. I love it.

  17. Spacebo

    This game was awesome! Epic work! Look forward for more of it 😀

  18. DarkAnima

    I Just want to tell how much I LOVE the game so far! I mean if it goes on like this it will become the best game of the year and/or one of my favourite games of all time!

  19. Gordon

    I have a problem with this game.I’ve download it but when I hit the .exe to install it gives me an error called: CLR20r3 and I don’t know what to do!

  20. Byoki

    Awesome little game! Hope the constuctions are finished soon.

  21. This game is very well done, the game play was very well laid out. You could figure out the puzzles without straining yourself.(because you can have acces to everything and see everything.)The dialog was amazing, Howard was a little quiet, but other then that amazing. I hope you guys finish it soon, I’m dying to know the ending 🙂

  22. Random Fan

    Wow this has a really awesome (and creepy-good) concept and storyline (so far from what I’ve seen from Cry’s playthrough). I hope your game will get the attention it so deserves so you guys will be able to develop it into a full-fledge, horror game. I would totally buy and play this game if it does ever become a really game. Good job!

  23. Gustav Stahler Brasil RS

    Um jogo do jeito que eu gosto, realmente muito bom!, tenho esperança que continue esse trabalho que está incrível, bom trabalho! 😉 good work!

  24. I really like the game, the whole environment where he is and the history are actually very good, although the graphics are not Triple-A, I loved it because the game is really fantastic.

    Thanks for making this game.

  25. I found this game through a short Let’s Play from Cry. It seemed really interesting and mysterious so I decided to play It myself.
    To this time it looks really promising and is great.
    I am really thankful for this game and wanted to give all the people who made it so amazing a big thanks (^__^)/

  26. des game look awesome and i LOVE the teddy bear and the story i will be happy if your make more of that games really! 🙂

  27. Epic game but this is my ass after playing it º

  28. Lonewolf567

    Heya, i just wanna let you know, this is Master stuff, and i’m so glad to see people like you, making indie software of very high level. Today i played Rage, id game. No way, your work is much more intresting, that’s my opinion. Cheers, and congratulations. Games needs good ideas, immagination, and they have to communicate something. You got it.

  29. Loved this game! I didn’t actually get very far, and had to restart and glitched the game a few times, but the general gameplay and puzzle mechanics were fun and interesting. Definitely one of the hidden gems in my Indie Halloween Horror Week! You can check out my let’s play here:

  30. Whenever i run the game it freezes on the UDK screen then crashes…. any advice? please help.

  31. I’ve just ‘finished’ this game and wow I’m at a loss of words! The whole eerie atmosphere, the magnificent voice acting and the build up tension just takes my breath… Had been quite long time since I played such an interesting game.
    Certainly, I’d like to see more of the project and even pay for a full thing! (:

  32. I’m gonna test it today and will upload the gameplay to my YouTube channel if that’s ok. I make horror gameplays with spanish commentaries.

    This game seems pretty awesome, keep up the good work!

  33. This game was pretty good. The story was excellent. It needs to be continued though. There is an odd map at the end. Does that hint that there is another quest? Possibly to get your body back?

  34. I watched a “Lets Play” from Cry and had to say the game is amazing and I cant wait until it comes out. Howard’s voice is as eerie as it can get. Your dedication on this game really comes through in aspects such as detail to the environment, voice acting, and gameplay.

    As an avid gamer, multiple endings could be a plus; such as Howard taking Annie’s body and leaving the hospital, they remain in constant struggle in/out of hospital, or Howard being banished altogether. Bonus Howard suits for game completion would be a nice add-on as well.

    As I’ve said, great work, and cant wait for the full game


  36. Marica

    i want to test

  37. Wish the game would finish, it’s fantastic so far, really hate to see the talents go to waste.

  38. necrokamios

    This Game must bank on its atmosphere and story as that’s where it shines, occasional puzzles are good, but I would like to see this game focus on its story as that is what really drives players to finish the game.

    Personally this game reminds me more of Bioshock rather than Portal, There aren’t that many good atmospheric games like this out there and i would love to see more.

    Good luck with this project, hope to see it on steam greenlight some day.

  39. Ultimatevegeta

    Omg, this game was really awesome <3
    Loved the story, gameplay and especially Howard 😀
    I continued to play it after the main storyline, but I died at some place there and would have had to do everything again, to look what would await me further. Sadly, I didn't want to do everything again. I really hope you'll continue on working on this game and hopefully finish it, too T__T I'm very thankful, that you created this game either! Keep up with the good work^^ I'm already really looking foward to your newest 'ninja' project =)

    Greetings, Ulti

  40. Anima

    PLease dont tell me you stopped working on this! I am waiting desperately for this game

  41. I Just want to tell how much I LOVE the game so far! I mean if it goes on like this it will become the best game of the year and/or one of my favourite games of all time!

    THX ,,

  42. This is an amazing game. I love it.

  43. ThatGuyWhoGames

    downloading right now cant wait to play it looks awesome !!

  44. Have there been any other updates on the game? It’s been fun to watch and play, but I was curious as to if you had any other time to develop more scenes or puzzles. GREAT game. I enjoyed it a lot!

    This was a project done almost two years ago, but I’m still curious as to what your plans were for it.

  45. RubyBlue

    I’ve encountered a game breaker bug it’s just after the big revelation (trying to avoid spoilers in case anyone hasn’t played yet. I accidentally fell into the first pit after the big notice and when I respawned, I was back in the puzzle room before that, and it took a few minutes before I was able to summon Howard. i got back up to the room that triggers the cutscene, but all that was there was a big empty room with the frozen lady and I can’t get back to where I was supposed to be. It’s plain this is an early release version, and I’m wondering if there’s going to be a full version, because I’d really like to play all the way through when it’s done

  46. music issue


    I have a problem with your game. You took music from Georg Friedrich Händel’s opera “Rinaldo” and made something terrible of it. I wonder if you had any copyright issues, witch I think you shoud have had.
    And most importantly – how dare you to take this beautiful baroque masterpiece and destroy it like that? Poor G. F. Händel…

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    In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write
    again soon!

  48. ooh yaaay amazing game thank youuu i can wait to play it ,, it is so good .


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