Well, the end is nigh and i can say i look forward to it. With only 4 more days to work on out final project before we can hand in all the documentation and the game i can’t wait. I love the game i think it is great, but i feel it is time to move on. This isn’t to say their isn’t improvement that could be made and puzzles that i think we should revisit but all in all it has been a great journey and it is now time to look forward to the future.

To this end i am going to apply for the Brian Wood Memorial Game Design Internship. It is really strange because i remember his name appear next to the login screen on Company of Heroes Online. And think who is this Brian Wood. What did he do and well i searched and found out then. He was an all round great guy, who would always help anyone with anything they needed in the game design and life in general. I wish i had the chance to know him, but i hope i can honor his memory by making good games and being supportive of everyone in the games industry. It is my truest belief that great games are made by good people supporting and helping each other to share experience and expertise to make something together.

While i don’t have as much experience as i would like i feel have experience in many different field from many different walks of life so that being said i hope that  i can bring that to whatever team i work on.


When so i hope i am selected for the intership. It would be so helpful to me as i would get the experience i need, and be able to learn from the talented designers, project manager, artists and everyone else at relic.  And at the end even if i don’t get a job it would put me in a perfect position so i can being to craft and build my own studio to create games with like minded.


Here to hoping because whatever happens it will be awesome!

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