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Ninja Simulator- Restart

Hello world.


I have missed you  all.  Having recently finish Dragon Age 3 Inquisition as part of the gameplay team, I thought it was a good time to start up old projects and this is at the top of my list.


This will be a complete remake of this demo.


The main goal and mechanics will be


– to create a fun 3d locational  combat system

– Use rope physics as a combat and gameplay mechanics

– Pretend to be a sword wielding rope swing ninja warrior.

-Play with friends online

Sounds sooo easy ( it won’t be :D)


This is going to be a completely new version and i look forward to sharing all this and more with you once i actually get started.

I will be working in UK4 to try and get this project back to life




-Brandon Dolinski

Update Novemeber 17th 2015: Thanks to all the emails and people leaving comments. I  am working on the demo it still is really rough and i am having to relearn a little about Unreal, Cheers and thanks for the thoughts and support.


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Ghost Fighter.

Ghost Fighter is ipad side scroller shooter developed in flash with a twisted when the player died a ghost would continue fire and following the exact path until the point of death in which it would disappear. The game consist of 3 enemy types, and 3 weapon types. Over the course of 8 weeks, myself Nicholas Welsh and Jong Woo worked every Sunday for a few hours to complete this game.

We were successful and the game was able to run with 30 frames + per second on an Ipad. In the future we are thinking about redesigning it and releasing it on the web.

My technical responsibilities were largely the integration of the audio, the speed and weapon types as well as the ghost tracing system. The later was accomplished largely by inputting x and y co-ordinates into an array at a set time intervals, then creating tween using the tweenmax Api library. As well I took the lead role of designing and was the driving force for the ghost system to be implemented.

Please feel free to play the game below.

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